Friday, December 30, 2011

Storing Makeup Mariposa Style, featuring IKEA Alex

This post makes me SOOOOOOO happy!!  I am not typically the most organized person of my peers, but after hoarding (did I really just admit to that) makeup this year I realized that I outgrew my Sterlite 3 drawer thingy.  
I have been collecting for a while and it had gotten to critical mass so I searched for what would be my cosmetics new home.  I know it sounds silly but having Sephora bags in the linen closet and having Hubby-pooh ask, "where are the band-aids" made my storage issue a necessity.  It seems like Youtube has a video for everything including this.  So after selecting a model, I venture out to Ikea located in the far away land of New Jersey to pick up this new storage I so needed.  I get there and search high and low for something called Helmer, which came highly recommended, except for the fact that it was a miniature lol!!  Smaller than the above and double the price.  What I did find though, is a lovely unit called Alex, the Hubby-kins and I put it together, all 10,000 pieces, he's the best!!  I've started to fill in, I still have work to do but it's fun work ;)

})i({ made by my Aunt, circa 1970-something

The lovely Alex 9 drawers of lovliness
Drawer O Blush

Hello Kitty Pencil Case - Eyeliners

All about Eyes
Small Eyeshadow Palettes, Lipsticks and Wet n' Wild Palettes


Brushes and Brush Belt

Urban Decay & Z Palettes

Too Faced and Tarte

NYX Haute Jersey Palette and Misc palettes
I've got more to do but I'm so pleased with the result so far!!  How do you store your makeup??  Thanks for reading!!


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