Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Review: Revlon Lip Butter or L'Oreal Color Riche Lip Balm

Hey Mariposas!!  

Here is my first product review!!  This post is going to bring you the latest craze in the land of Drug Store lip products, a hybrid lipstick and lip-balm.  It's a great way to go, the best of both worlds if you will...but how does it perform??  We have offerings from two of the best D.S. cosmetic lines (in my humble opinion) as L'Oreal and Revlon go head to head.  In the past I've shied away from Revlon lip products after kissing my hubby he let me know how disgusting the lipstick tasted & then spit...ugh!!  I didn't like the taste/flavor either but thought that my ultra sensitive nose and taste buds were to blame.  I should have gone with my gut on that one!!  L'Oreal lipsticks on the other hand were my go to since the 90's and have always been great!!  

Now on to the subject at hand, in one corner we have Revlon's Lip Butter in Lollipop, in the other corner L'Oreal Color Riche Lip Balm in Heavenly Berry.  There are a ton of bloggers buzzing about both of these products so after a test drive here's my take on these lipstick/balms.  

I was very surprised by the color pay off of the Revlon L.B., Lollipop was so pigmented but had the glide of a lip balm, it felt great on my lips!!  It was easy to swatch and was true to the color in the tube.

The L'Oreal looked great in the tube but was so disappointingly sheer!!  I tried swatching it but as you can see it hardly was visible after multiple swipes on my wrist.  Something else that's worth mentioning the L'Oreal has SPF 15 which Revlon does not, but you can taste the sunscreen!!  It also has the same taste as the glosses, a confectionery taste that I can do without.  These two contenders retail for about the same price but it's really up to you, if you want color payoff go with the Revlon.  
Barely there swatch...just a little shine...boooo

Thanks for reading!!  

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