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Ohhhhh lala L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow!! Review & Swatches

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There has mega buzz in the blogosphere about how fantastic L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows are and how the rival the Armani’s Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadows.  First off they are a mere $8.99 compared to the high-end counter part which is $32.00 buck a roos, this might be like when Versace does a line for H&M!!  Considering that L'Oreal owns Armani we may be in for a treat, although I cannot vouch for Armani's formula these are supposed to be comparable.  These shadows have been all the rage in Europe and Canada and I just happened to get my hands on a few on my last trip to CVS, they were on BOGO 50%.  When my scanned my lil CVS card I had $5.00 bux to burn, if I could sing I would have lol!!

These eyeshadows are AMAZING!!  The range of colors makes them so versatile, from a neutral day look to a smokey night look. They are highly pigmented, creamy and smooth, one swipe goes a long way because these are buildable.  They start out creamy but dry down (quickly) to a powder finish.  They can easily be blended out and can be applied with your fingertip or a brush, but work quickly because once they set they don't budge.  I would suggest wearing them with a primer because the darker colors may stain.  Also be sure to close these up tight so they don't dry out so don't discard the stopper that comes with it. 

I love that the drugstore brands are giving high-end options at such an affordable price!! 

I don't think my photos really did these justice, it's not as easy as it looks to swatch and snap (:


 Amber Rush - Rich amber with a shimmer finish

Bronzed Taupe - Bronzy taupe with a shimmer finish

 Golden Sage - Gilded green with a shimmer finish

Perpetual Purple - Deep Amethyst with blue flecks and a shimmer finish

 Midnight Blue - Blackened blue with a shimmer finish

 Continuous Cocoa - Off black brown with a matte finish

 Eternal Black - Glittery black

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