Friday, December 23, 2011

Brow Envy

Your eyebrows frame your face they really help to make a look come alive.  Since the trends come and go skinny, bushy uni you have to be careful to NEVER EVER over pluck, wax or thread.  The Pencil, Brow Gel, Powder (eyeshadow) use a matte shade close to your hair color.  I've used Smashbox Brow Tech which is expensive eyeshadow really.  I love the Milani Easybrow automatic pencil (CVS) it's perfect if you want fast application.  There are also brow gels that work well too, it's just a matter of finding the formula that works for you.

To conceal or not to conceal...that is the question!  To define your eyebrows even more you can outline them with a concealer which will accentuate the curves and adds to the DRAMA. 

No BUENO, her brows are too thin and light...this look is just all wrong!!

Freida rocking the unibrow and 'stache...her brows are nicely shaped if only she got rid of the bridge between them...and waxed her lip.

Brooke's iconic brows, I can only dream of having brows this thick!! 

Kim is of course over the top and her brows are no exception...I love them!!

Beyonce in a "natural" heavily airbrushed but the brows are stunning!!  This is what it looks like when you define your brows with concealer.