Friday, December 2, 2011

New cut and FOTD

Hello Mariposas...I've been away for far too long!!  Went to Rhode Island last weekend and met an amazing stylist named Melissa and she gave me some lovely layers.  If you are ever in RI check her out!!  I've been growing out a bob for the past year and needed a lil swing!!  I hit 18 again so I needed a new do...ugh!! 

For today's look I used Urban Decay's Book of Shadows 4, I used Money (a silvery green) on my lid, Psychedelic Sister and Rockstar (purples) in my crease with X which is my FAVORITE shade of peachy gold for my highlight.  Urban Decay is one of my favorite brands, they have a great range of colors and the quality is excellent!!  On my lips I have L'Oréal Le Gloss in Violet Attitude which was a steal at Target.

Thanks for checking this out!!  Have a lovely weekend!! })i({


  1. Your hair's so pretty, and you're really rocking that eye look! :D (I really like the layering and how your hair looks like it's so healthy and like it has a natural bounce about it.)

  2. Love these colors, perfect for my skin tone!!

  3. Thanks for joining Mary and for the sweet comments!! I'm so used to having really long motionless hair, this cut gave me swing...loved your Anne Shirley post...I want puffed sleeves seem to me to be a "kindred spirit" ;) I hope to have a blog like yours one day!!

    Thanks Pinque...we have to do some looks on you, I LOVE UD!!