Friday, November 18, 2011

NOTD: Do You Shatter

I've been painting my own nails since I was young, and I still find it satisfying!!  Especially in these days of recession you can buy a bottle of nail polish and do it yourself for about $8, that way when it chips, because it always chips in 2 days you don't feel so bad.

I have memories of going to Brooklyn to visit my Grandparents on the weekend.  My Abuelita (Grandma my style icon) had a metal rack on the wall with her nail polishes, I would pick a color and go to the windowsill (which was huge) and paint my nails while watching the cars wiz by on Ocean Parkway.  Enviably I would leave some lacquer (my mark) and hear about it later.  When my Grandparents moved back to their native Puerto Rico I would visit and go to her dresser, pick out a color and bring it to the patio and watch the trees sway while painting my nails, and her toes.  
I miss her and that so very much!!

  This is one of my favorite fun looks, first you paint your nails with whatever color you want then let dry completely.  You then apply the Shatter top coat and watch it well, shatter!!  These usually retail for about $8.50 each and now the Shatter comes in many other colors...have you tried it yet??


  1. I'm rather annoyed with painting my own nails lately :D
    But I'm just impatient!

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  3. Hi Ruby and Siel...I know what you mean sometimes I'm the same way!! I use this between coats or sometimes just at the end and it really helps!!

    Thanks for checking out my blog!!