Friday, November 18, 2011

FOTD: Face of the day

Hi Mariposas })i({

Below is the makeup I wore to work today...eyeshadow is my thing because I have huge eyes!!  Fun fact, eyes are the only things that don't grow from birth as evidenced below.  So I have more eyeshadow than ever necessary for a single human.

The most fun I have in the morning is doing my's the only reason I'm not so upset to be up early.  It's also the thing that will usually make me run late in the morning.  What's your daily makeup routine?? 

A pale coral shadow on the lid with a smokey grey in the crease, I lined my upper lash line with black eyeliner and lots of black mascara.  I used a golden coral blush and a plummy lipstick.
Ciao Mariposas )}i{( Thanks for checking out my blog!!  Don't forget to follow me for more tips and FOTD's!!

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  1. Make up definately is inspiration to get up early and always my reason for being late... that and wardrobe malfunctions but we have the ultimate excuse for that, we're women! ;)